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pass AT system Resumes pass AT system. ATS algorithms used as a part of HR & Recruiting software scan resume and calculate score to find out if you match position.



Time recruiters spend on one resume. use your only chance to impress recruiters. Good formatting, mistakes free resume, correct section titles make you a good job to land an interview.


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Want resumes tailored to their Open Position. Our tools help you create accurate resume.


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Have ever made at least one of common mistakes. Find out typical resume mistakes job seekers usually make and check if you manage to avoid them and have more chances for an interview than others.

Why should you use skillsbite?


Speed up your job search, free up your time

We know that applying for jobs is time consuming, so we analyzed thousands of job descriptions for you to help identify the most relevant keywords to use and created a dedicated system that will help you track your applications.


Versatile support structure

Multiple Tools designed to help you increase your changes on every stage of recruitment processes, from CV-screening to full-on mock video interview with randomly generated questions from companies’ previous years recruitment rounds.


Private and secure

We value your privacy so much that we take every possible measure to protect and secure your data: secure servers, total transparency and strict policies. We don’t share your resume with anyone. You may request to delete your data from our servers at anytime.


Immediate access 24/7

We make sure our platform runs constantly and provides you with an uninterrupted support to make sure you gain an advantage and get the job you deserve!